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OCaml iOS App “Portland” Updated for Lion

May 9, 2012

I updated the basic OCaml iOS example app, Portland, to build under Lion with the latest Xcode. It’s a very simple app that just tells you which way you’re holding the phone, as in the accompanying screenshot. If you want to try running OCaml on iOS, building this app and running it on your phone might be a good way to get started.

iPhone running Portland app

There are no changes to the OCaml and ObjC code—all the updates are in the instructions and in the project metadata used by Xcode. The generated app runs on iOS 3.1 and later. It would be an interesting exercise to rewrite the app to target a more recent iOS version. I tried a few variations myself, but in the end I decided to target as many devices as possible.

As always, the previous version of Portland is still available in the OCaml Programming Archives.

Posted by: Jeffrey


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