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Cassino Webapp

The Psellos Cassino webapp plays the classic card game Cassino. You compete against the app running in your browser to see who can capture more of the right cards.

Play Cassino

Cassino has been around so long that there are many variants. Beginning with Version 1.1, our app plays three variants:

  • Original Cassino, a fast-paced royal variant with simplified scoring (for on-the-go folks). All cards, including face cards, have a numeric value, and the game is won simply by capturing more cards than the app.

  • Advanced Cassino, the traditional variant played in many places. Scoring is based on the capture of particular cards, with the match played to 21.

  • Royal Cassino, the traditional royal variant with scoring to 21.

The game is easy to learn just by playing, especially if you start by using the Suggest button to get suggestions for good plays. To answer any remaining questions, we’ve collected here some tutorials that lay out all the details.

Cassino Interface

Here we describe what appears on the screen, and how to play the game using the interface. Read the interface tutorial.

Rules of Cassino (Original Variant)

The Original is a royal variant, with simplified scoring. Here we give the exact rules for Original Cassino. Read the rules.

Advanced Cassino Variants

Beginning with Version 1.1, the Cassino app plays two additional variants with traditional scoring to 21. Read about the advanced variants.

Cassino Strategy Tips

The app is an effective card counter, but it can be beaten with a little strategy. Read our tips for winning more often.